Plastic Padlock Security Seal

Plastic Padlock Security Seal is mainly used as tamper indicative seals for use on power, gas, water, cable box and other utility instrument. Removement of these seals need to cut the wire shackle, That provide a clear proof of tampering. Plastic padlock seal is suitable for low and medium security applications. It can only be used a single usage,Once being fixed, it will not fall off, the steel wire shackle must be destroyed in order to let the seal to be removed in each tampering.

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  • Plastic Padlock Seal Blue-Length 39 mm X Width 22.5 mm

    Used to mark cable ID information on plastic panel and lock steel wire to provide a tamper evident solution for sealing cable line network systems.

  • Plastic Padlock Wire Seals Panel- 39 mm L X 22.5 mm W X φ1.0 Steel wire

    Write or stick a adhesive label onto the plastic panel to record a data, number or others to be locked by steel wire and provide tamper proof.

  • Plastic Wire Padlock Seal Plastic panel & φ1.0 steel wire

    Lock cable line network by steel wire for tamper proof and mark and identify the cable code, data information onto the plastic panel for installation.

  • Plastic Security Ties Grey-Length 39 mm X Width 22.5 mm

    Provide the function of cable network tamper proof and mark cable line marking, identification onto plastic panel used in cable installation industry.

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