Lag Screw Shield Anchors

Lag Screw Shield Anchors are designed to be used for anchoring and fixing the objects in concrete,masonry or brick substrates,made of zinc alloy material. It is composed of two heavy duty zinc alloy shields with two small locking clips assembled together. The surface of the shield is designed heavy spiral threads to have better friction in the pre-drilled hole wall and enhance the expansion force.The interior is designed protruding thick plate armor to enhance the fastening force of lag screw.

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  • Lag Screw Shield Anchors Long type

    Installing the short type is for hard substrate,the long is for the soft base,designed to anchor and fix the objects in masonry,concrete or brick site

  • Lag Screw Shield Anchor Short type

    Used to anchor and fix the objects in masonry,brick wall substrate,made of zinc alloy,fasten lag screw for installing,having short and long types inch

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