Drop In Anchors

Drop in anchor is composed of a cross cutting groove of anchor body and an inserted conical steel plug.During installing, to hit the conical steel plug with punching tool to expand the anchor body completely in the hole to generate expansion force and to fasten with bolt or stud.Used to anchor and fix the objects in the concrete,masonry,brickwork substrate.They are the internal threads concrete expansion anchors. The inch and metric sizes made with carton steel and stainless steel are available.

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  • Drop In Anchor Bolt Non Knurling WZP

    Sizes in metric and inch available with non knurling,half and double knurlings used to anchor and fix the objects in concrete, masonry base materials.

  • Steel Drop In Anchor Half Knurling WZP

    Half knurling in WZP, consists of a anchor body cutted cross groove and a conical steel plug inside to ensure full expanding function.

  • Drop In Expansion Anchor Half Knurling YZP

    Used for the light to heavy duty fastening and fixing the objects purposes in concrete,masonry place.They are available in Metric and Inch sizes.

  • Concrete Drop In Anchors Double Knurlings WZP

    Double knurlings perfect expansion function and specially designed inserted conical expanding plug to generate full expansion power to hit it by tool.

  • Stainless Steel Drop In Anchors SS 304(A2)-316(A4)

    Made of stainless steel have anti-rust and anti-corrosion feature and stronger expansion force and tensile strength than carbon steel drop in anchors

  • Lipped Drop In Anchor Lipped-Flange Type

    No need precise hole size in structure substrate,mostly used in application required a flush mounted anchor and and a bolt to be inserted and removed.

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