Nylon Nail In Anchors

Nylon Nail In Anchors is the light duty anchors, Pre-assembled a nylon expanding plug and a steel nail drive style used to fix the objects in concrete, masonry, brick wall or solid drywall. drill a hole according to the nylon plug dia. The common body dia. is 1/4" or 6.3 mm. Meantime, at least 8 mm deeper than the embedment depth, blow the hole clean and insert the anchor through the fixture and into the hole.Drive the nail flush with the head to expand the plug and fix the object in the place.

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  • Nylon Nail In Anchor Mushroom Head

    Mushroom head, Nylon nail in anchor, made with PA-Nylon material, used to fix the objects in concrete,brick wall substrate with metric and Inch sizes.

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