Steel Expansion Anchors

The working function mechanism of Steel Expansion Anchors the systems are threaded stud, stamped sleeve tube, shells, or wedge bolt assembled which is achieved by a tapered cone nut, nail, screw ,threaded stud or bolt depending on the used styles of expansion anchors. The compression power of the expansion system against the wall drilled hole the anchor to transfer the load to the basis material.They are expanded to fix the objects in the concrete, masonry, brick, stone or the solid wall.

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  • Stainless Steel Wedge Anchor Bolts SS 304 / 316 type

    Wholly made of stainless steel 304 or 316, achieve much stronger holding power and tensile strength and better anti-rust-corrosion than carbon steel.

  • Hot Dipped Galvanized Wedge Anchors HDG type

    Hot dipped galvanized (HDG) surface treatment with better corrosion-rust proof function than zinc plating,widely used in high damp installation place.

  • Concrete Wedge Anchor Bolts Unc-thread Inch

    Produce American system standard Unc-thread inch,assembling inch nut and washer,stamping a letter on anchor head to identify the anchor length for use

  • Steel Wedge Anchors SS Clip SS Clip type

    Stainless steel 304 or 316 expanding Clip is wrapped around wedge bolt body, having stronger tensile loading strength than steel expanding Clip.

  • Concrete Wedge Anchors Metric & Inch

    Wedge anchors are used in concrete,masonry substrate to hammer it into pre-drilled hole by tightening nut to expand the clip to anchor and fix objects

  • Wedge Anchors Dacromet Coating Dacromet type

    Anti-rust and corrosion-proof by spraying Dacromet coating are stronger than zinc plating,suitable for the environment polluted by salt water and damp

  • Metric Wedge Anchors Metric mm

    Wedge bolt is produced by one time forming cold forging,wrapped an expansion clip, made of carbon steel 4.8~ 8.8 grade, widely used to fix the objects

  • Through Bolt Anchors Inch & mm

    Through bolt or through bolt anchor are same as wedge anchors,used to anchor and fix the objects in various solid foundation,provide inch and mm sizes

  • Hollow Wall Anchor Hook Hook Bolt Type

    Assemble hook bolt,used to fix,hang or connect the objects in various panels, hollow wall and other cavity substrates by tool.

  • Hollow Wall Anchor L Bolt L Bolt Type

    Assemble L bolt,used to suspend or fix the objects in various panels, hollow wall and other cavity substrates, removed and replaced freely to loose it

  • Hollow Wall Anchor Eyebolt Eyebolt Type

    Assemble eye bolt,used to fix, hang, connect or pass the objects through eye head in various panels, hollow wall and other cavity substrates by tool.

  • Hollow Wall Drive Anchors Drive Type

    Drive type, assembled conical plastic bushing and self drilling screw to drive into substrate,not drilling hole, to install with screwdriver or tool.

  • Metal Hollow Wall Anchors Screw Type

    Screw type,pan head screw,used to fix the objects in various panels,hollow wall and cavity base materials and install by setting tool or screwdriver.

  • Metal Frame Anchor Bolts φ 8 mm

    External φ10 mm and φ8 mm sizes available,used to fix door and window frames and hollow profiles made of metal,wood,plastic,etc in base materials.

  • Metal Frame Anchors φ10 mm

    To fix door and window frames in variety of base materials,The machine screw is removed and reinstalled easily with pan or CSK head type available.

  • Concrete Ceiling Anchors φ6 X 65 mm

    Light duty loading with quick-easy installation to hit the protruding pin with hammer till being flush with the flange head to generate expansion.

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