Chemical Anchors

Chemical anchor stud is a kind of no expansion function fixings, not be affected by radial expansion force, also used close to edges. The stud is fixed by inserting the chemical adhesive system in substrate hole by using chemical glass capsule or injection resin to install by setting tool.Used to fix the objects in concrete,masonry,brickwork or solid wall and to connect and reinforce foundation structure,providing internal hex head,external hex head and flat head types in metric and inch sizes.

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  • Chemical Anchor Stud External Hex Head BZP

    External hex head type,no expansion fixing to insert chemical adhesive system into a pre-drilled hole after curing and to install with setting tool.

  • Chemical Anchor Studs External Hex Head ZYP

    Expansion free fixing no radial expansion force,also used close to edges to insert chemical adhesive into a pre-drilled hole to cure before installing

  • Chemical Anchor Bolt Internal Hex Head ZP

    Made of carton steel or stainless steel in metric and inch size,used to fix the objects to insert glass chemical capsule or injection resin for curing

  • Chemical Anchor Bolts Internal Hex Head ZYP

    Made of carbon steel with 4.8~8.8 grade heat treatment and SS 304-316 materials,no expansion function fixing used in concrete,masonry base structure.

  • Chemical Anchor Threaded Stud Flat Head BZP

    Flat head,end is cut flat,single or double 45 degree,also used together with rebar to connect or reinforce concrete construction structure foundation.

  • Chemical Stud HDG External Hex Head

    Hot dipped galvanized plating for the stud,hex nut and washer has good anti-rust function and can be used in outdoor and damp installation environment

  • Chemical Studs HDG Internal Hex Head

    Hot dipped galvanized has better anti-rust performance than normal zinc plating and produced the same head and end types as chemical studs zinc plated

  • Chemical Bolt Dacromet Coating

    Dacromet spray plating surface treatment has excellent anti-rust,anti-corrosion & environmental performance,used in wet,corrosive and underwater site

  • Stainless Steel Chemical Anchors SS 304(A2) & 316(A4)

    Made of stainless steel material with better anti-rust,anti-corrosion performance,stronger tensile strength than carbon steel for the special usage.

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