Channel Nuts

Channel Nuts are used to install,strut and fix pipes, conduit fittings, channel steel structures and channel steel section composite systems. Composing of a cuboid nut stamped twin grooves on one side and a clamped spring on another side.Fastening nut by bolt,the thread in groove locks at the edge of the channel steel to secure the nut in the structure.Channel nuts with springs are used for pipe or channel steel strut installing system,inserting it through the open side of the channel steel.

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  • Long Spring Channel Nut Long spring type

    Long spring type,used to install and fix the frame channel steel,profile combination,channel steel structure and pipeline system works for various use

  • Short Spring Channel Nut Short spring type

    Short spring type,composing of a flat-cuboid nut stamped twin grooves on one side and a spring clamped on another side of nut and use a bolt to fasten

  • Channel Nut Without Spring Without spring type

    Without spring type, The spring is not to support the bottom of channel steel to avoid the volume of spring occupying the extra space,fix with bolts.

  • Channel Nut With Plastic Wing Plastic wing type

    Design a plastic wing is used to insert and hold the nut and to embed and hang on the two edges of the channel to achieve to fix strut channel parts.

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