Concrete Screw Anchors

Concrete Screw Anchors are widely used for temporary or permanent anchoring and fixing objects of concrete, brick,hollow brick or block base.Body is designed unique high-low self tapping double external thread to ensure quick and convenient rotation into a pre-drilled hole and make the external threads firmly anchor in the hole wall having sufficient tension and load strength between anchors and fixtures.Enable to remove without affecting foundation structure and fix near base edges or anchors.

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  • Hex Flange Head Concrete Screws Hex Flange type

    Widely used to anchor and fix the objects in the concrete,masonry,brickworks base materials,supplying metric and inch sizes with various head types.

  • Hex Head Concrete Screws Hex type

    Designed heavy duty high-low double self tapping external threads to drill into concrete structure substrate easily and quickly,need pre-drill a hole.

  • Hex Socket Head Concrete Screws Hex Socket type

    Hex socket is drilled internal thread and used to install external thread bolts or threaded rods,to drive by impact wrench set proper impact sockets.

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