Universal Metal Anchors

Universal metal anchor is used in concrete, hollow wall,brickwork to anchor and fix the objects.The lower end is designed into four independent parts,each part has saw teeth shape on both sides to improve the friction and ensure the tensile strength.The hollow structure is easy to install with a screw guiding and positioning during the screw tightening process.Metal expansion plugs can directly replace plastic wall plugs to use in the places where they can not be installed.

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  • Universal Metal Anchor Metric ZP

    Outer saw teeth improve friction and tensile strength during installing the objects in substrate,can replace plastic wall plugs to use in some places.

  • Metal Expansion Plugs Wall Plugs ZP & PA

    Replace plastic wall plugs used in the places for needing fire protection considerations, special installing base material or greater loading required

  • Universal Metal Wall Anchor Metal Plugs ZP

    Made of steel sheet,fastened wood or self-drilling screws into metal wall plugs to expand to realize anchoring and fixing the objects in the substrate

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