TAM Shield Anchors

TAM shield anchor consists of steel sleeve and a cone nut,widely used to anchor and fix the objects in substrate to generate uniform load distribution in hole wall for installation.Metric and inch internal threads in conical nut allow to use different standard fasteners for ideal tightening adjustment to realize different installation purpose.The inserted red plastic plug can protect internal threads in cone nut from being soiled to ensure free rotation and fixing during installation.

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  • TAM Anchor Shield Only

    Cylinder anchor body is made of steel sheet,rolled-divided it into 4 parts separated shields shape by punching machine to insert a cone nut to expand.

  • TAM Anchor Bolt Hex Bolt

    Assembled loose bolt-hex bolt 4.8-8.8 gr. and Din 125/9021 flat washer to expand through a cone nut,used to fix and anchor the fixtures in substrate.

  • TAM Shield Anchor Eyebolt Eye Bolt Type

    Assembled a folded eyebolt by punching machine-stamping process,used to fix,hang,connect or pass the objects through eye head for various use purpose.

  • TAM Shield Anchor Hook Bolt Hook Bolt Type

    Assembled hook bolt bent by punching machine used fix,hang or connect the objects in various base materials to expand by cone nut to fasten hex nut.

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