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Model: Grey φ5 X 18 mm
Min. Order: 50000 Piece/Pieces
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
Means of Transport: Ocean, Air, Land
Production Capacity: 2 containers each... Packing: bag,...
Delivery Date: as discussed Type: Others
Material: Plastic PE Brand Name: OEM
Certificate: RoHS Feature: UV-proof, Moisture-proof,Anti-corrosion
Function: Solution to assist the masonry nail or cable clip to fix in the hard substrate Application: Cable installation industry
Dimension: Body φ5.0 mm X 18 mm Length Color: In grey, Available others
Performance: Environmental protection and Fast and safe installation in the hard substrate Installation: Cable line system
Usage: Drill a 5.5 mm hole and tap pin plug into the hard substrate

  Cable Pin Plugs are made from the high class polyethylene ( PE ) plastic materials in grey conforming to RoHS certificate standard with environmental protection and UV  proof features and designed a plastic expanded plug anchor with a hole in the center of plug which is used to be hitted the nail of cable clip into.

     Pin plugs for cable clips are the special pin plugs are made from high class impaction polyethylene plastic material with UV proof, environmental protection complying with RoHS certifcate. It is designed a expanding plug with a hole in the center of plug.Used to fix the pin of cable clip or similar small steel nail into very hard masonry concrete substrate,ceramic tile on the wall or the very light block or soft wall substrates when using the cable clips to install the cable lines.

    They provide the ideal fixing solution in the place where the ceramic tile or solid concrete substrate is too hard to fix a concrete nail or cable clip. The existing size is body diameter 5.0 mm X 18.0 mm Length in grey. To drill a 5.5 mm hole and insert the pin plug into and where the place substrates are soft light block or soft wall, to hammer the pin plug directly into the substrate.

Pin Nail Plugs

Pin Nail Plugs

Inner φ2.0 X φ5.0 X 18.0 mm
Nail Plugs For Cable Clips

Nail Plugs For Cable Clips

Inner hole φ2.0 X φ5.0 X 18.0 mm

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