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Model: Without spring type
Min. Order: 10000 Piece/Pieces
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
Means of Transport: Ocean, Air, Land
Production Capacity: 1 container each month Packing: Packed in box to...
Delivery Date: as discussed Type: Others
Material: Carbon Steel & Stainless Steel Brand Name: OEM
Diameter: Nut Width 19 mm Length: Nut Length 34.5 mm
Capacity: Mpa Tensile loading Function: Realize secure & effective strut and fixing in channel steel structure and strut-connecting systems
Surface treatment: ZP & ZYP & HDG Design feature: A cuboid nut stamped twin grooves on one side of the nut, without spring clamped on the nut surface
Working principle: Without spring to support the bottom of channel steel to fasten the bolt into the threaded hole in the nut Base materials: Steel structure
Usage: Used to install and fix pipes, conduit fittings, channel steel structures and channel steel section systems Main production process: Stamping machine
Installing advantage: Easy-quick installing and allow to remove Installation: Installing in any place after inserting it through the open side of the channel steel.


     Channel nut without spring is one of the main components of metal C channel steel,conduit or channel steel frame system for installing,supporting or connecting,made of carbon steel or stainless steel stamping and inner hole machining and to realize the secure and quick operation in the installation process. 

   When installing, the two sides of cuboid nut must be flush with the inner wall of the channel steel structure, no additional fixing is needed, and allow to move to the required position to fix. The different lengths of the spring are suitable for the different channel profile sizes. Long springs are used for the deeper channel, short springs are used for shallower channels, without spring is directly fixed by the bolt.

    Without spring channel nut achieve a quick and easy solution for fixing and installing multiple strut channel accessories in installing works.The dual groove textures surface creates safe fitting and improves traction and skid resistance.Strut spring nuts are inserted into the channel steel structure slot and use external threaded fasteners or bolts to achieve tightening and installation purposes.   

[Product Features]:

A cuboid nut by stamping process without spring.

The spring is not to support the bottom of channel steel to avoid the volume of the spring occupying the extra space.

Design dual grooves on one surface of the nut to enhance the friction touching two edges of channel steel.

 No expanding function, having connecting and fixing use.

 A main strut channel accessory and used to fix and install pipes, conduit fittings, channel steel structures and channel steel section combining systems. 

 Insert spring nut from the opening side of channel steel by hand and put it in any position for use.

 Fasten a bolt into a threaded hole in the center of the nut, easy and quick to install and remove.

 Providing various surface treatments of the nut.

[Materials & Surface treatment]: 

  Carton steel / Stainless Steel & ZP / ZYP / HDG / Dacromet


 Fixing and strut C channel steel structure system.

 Pipe installation engineering,pipe support,pipe line hanger.

 Channel steel section connecting and combining engineering.

 Metal profiles system connect,support or suspend works.

 Installation works of shockproof support structure and hoisting.

 PV support structure system installing and fixing.

[Installation Steps]:

 Put the surface of twin grooves upwards.

 Insert the nut from the opening side by hand and move to put it in the proper place to make the twin grooves align with the two edges of the channel steel.

②+ Put it the inside of the channel to rotate 90 degress clockwise by hand and ensure the twin grooves to align with the two edges of the channel steel.

Pass a proper fastener through a guide hole in the fixture and screw it into the threaded hole in the middle of the nut.

 To tighten until being fixed fully.

[Product size description of without spring type]: (mm / inch)

Item CodeD-Thread SizeW-Nut Width L-Nut LengthT-Nut Thickness
WSN141/4"19 mm34.5 mm6.0 mm
WSN5165/16"19 mm34.5 mm6.0 / 8.0 mm
WSN383/8"19 mm34.5 mm8.0 / 9.2 mm
WSN121/2"19 mm34.5 mm9.2 / 11.8 mm
WSN585/8"30 mm34.5 mm11.0 mm
WSN343/4"30 mm34.5 mm11.0 mm
WSN787/8"30 mm34.5 mm11.0 mm
WSN06M619 mm34.5 mm6.0 mm
WSN08M819 mm34.5 mm6.0 / 8.0 mm
WSN10M1019 mm34.5 mm8.0 / 9.2 mm
WSN12M1219 mm34.5 mm9.2 / 11.8 mm
WSN14M1430 mm34.5 mm11.0 mm
M1630 mm34.5 mm11.0 mm
WSN18M1830 mm34.5 mm11.0 mm
WSN20M2030 mm34.5 mm11.0 mm

**The special sizes and stainless steel are available.

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Short Spring Channel Nut

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Channel Nut With Plastic Wing

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