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2.12 USD
Model: Plastic cap inserted
Min. Order: 10000 Piece/Pieces
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
Means of Transport: Ocean, Air, Land
Production Capacity: 1 container each month Packing: Packed in box to...
Delivery Date: as discussed Type: Floor Anchor
Material: Carbon Steel & Stainless Steel Brand Name: OEM
Diameter: φ 14 mm ~ φ 70 mm Length: 35 mm ~ 200 mm
Capacity: OEM Surface treatment: ZYP / ZP
Producing engineering: Turning by the lathe Internal threads: Rd / Inch / mm
Design feature: Plastic cap inserted to prevent concrete slurry from pouring into body & A cross hole used to pass through steel bar Application: Used to lift,transport or move precast concrete elements, connect steel bar or fix the heavy duty objects
Usage place: Reinforced concrete structure & reinforcement construction projects & precast concrete components & Rebar grids Installation: Pre-embed into concrete elements or reinforced concrete structure or rebar grids
Working principle: After pre-embedded and passed steel bar through a cross hole,Transmit load force into the reinforced concrete substrate Function: Lift,transport or move precast concrete components & Connect and fix steel bars or heavy duty objects

     Concrete lifting socket is made from precision seamless steel tube with hollow structure. The upper end is tapped Rd,mm, Inch thread inside, the lower end below a cross hole is no thread area,the middle design is pre-assembled a plastic inserted cap used to prevent concrete slurry from pouring into, also need cover the head to pretect mud or impurities from entering the body inside.

     Cast in lifting socket with a cross holes must always be used with steel bar together in precast concrete fixing systems.Pre-embedding it into the reinforced concrete structure till the concrete has fully solidified and hardened, the reinforcement passing through cross hole can transfer and distribute the load force to the concrete substrate, lifting sockets are widely used in precast concrete structures and members. 

    The cross hole has expanding and parallel sides after passing throug steel bar. In order to ensure the loading force transmission of concrete, a certain edge distance must be considered. The thickness of the concrete structure substrate shall not be less than the embedded depth.


Design a plastic cap inserted to avoid slurry pouring into the body to protect threads inside.

 Cover the head to prevent mud or impurities from entering inside.

 A cross hole is used to pass through steel bar to prevent moving, vibration during concrete pouring,

and transmit the loading force to the reinforced concrete structure. 

Widely used to lift,transport or move precast concrete components with lifting loop, connect rebar or fix heavy duty objects in reinforced concrete structure.

[Materials & Surface treatment]: 

● Carbon Steel// Stainless Steel 304-316 & ZYP, ZP// SS natural color.

[Using places]:

 Reinforced concrete structure ☑ Reinforced bar grid  Precast concrete components.

[Processing and Installing Steps]:

 Pre-embed concrete lifting sockets in the precast concrete components or reinforced concrete structure.

 Lifting,transporting or moving with lifting loop and connecting or fixing rebars or objects.

[Product size description]: (Rd/mm)

Item Code Load  T        SizeODmbA L
SSLS10350.3Rd10 X 35141081635
SSLS12400.5Rd12 X 40161282240
SSLS14500.8Rd14 X 501814102550
SSLS16551.2Rd16 X 552216142655
SSLS18701.6Rd18 X 702518144070
2.0Rd20 X 752720164375
SSLS24802.5Rd24 X 803224184580
4.0Rd30 X 10038302255100
SSLS361256.3Rd36 X 12548362670125
SSLS421458.0Rd42 X 14555423083145
SSLS5218012.5Rd52 X 180705240105180

** The special sizes are available.

Lifting Sockets

Lifting Sockets

Solid bottom ZP
Precast Lifting Sockets

Precast Lifting Sockets

Solid bottom ZYP
Stainless Steel Lifting Sockets

Stainless Steel Lifting Sockets

SS 304 / 316

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