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Model: Half Knurling ZYP
Min. Order: 10000 Piece/Pieces
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
Means of Transport: Ocean, Air, Land
Production Capacity: 2 containers each... Packing: Packed in box to...
Delivery Date: as discussed Type: Drop-in Anchor
Material: Carbon Steel & Stainless Steel Brand Name: OEM
Diameter: 8 mm-3/8" ~ 25 mm-1" Length: 25 mm-1" ~ 80 mm-3-1/8"
Capacity: Mpa Tensile loading Function: Achieve expansion force
Working principle: Use a conical built-in steel plug to expand anchor body Substrate: In the concrete,masonry,brickwork,block or stone
Application: Used to anchor and fix the objects Installation: Pre-drill a hole in substrate and hit the conical steel plug with setting tool to fasten the bolt or stud by tool
Surface treatment: ZP / ZYP Characteristic: Quick and easy installation operation
Producing engineering: Cold heading- Cutting Lathe-Tapping- Thread rolling machine Testing: Tensile Strength test available

    Drop in expansion anchor is one of metal expansion anchor system with internal thread and designed the diameter refering to the external diameter of anchor body,produced by the multi station molding machine to ensure the precision of products and the stability of material properties, greatly improve the quality of products and production speed,mainly made from carbon steel or stainless steel materials.

★ The external diameter of anchor body is equal to the hole drilled diameter in the concrete site. 

★ Min.embedment depth is the length of the anchor.

★ Insert the anchor into the pre-drilled hole keeping the threaded head end towards the substrate surface, then use a proper setting tool and hit the built-in steel expanding plug until to be fully expanded.

    Ideally suited for the medium to heavy duty fixing purposes. Masonry drop in Anchors are available in Metric and Inch size type from 1/4"(M6) to 3/4"(M20), meet various construction installation need. The fixtures could be removed,not affecting drop in anchor installed.

[Product Features]:

 The non-threaded end is cut crossing groove to ensure to be completely expanded.

 Specially designed conical built-in steel plug achieve expansion function.

 Remove the fixture leave anchor body undisturbed.

 Threaded end of the anchor is flush with the substrate surface after removal of  the fixtures.

 Pre-insert a thin plastic sheet to lock steel plug and prevent it from falling down.

 Fasten various sizes of bolts, studs or threaded rods to achieve flexible fixture thickness.

Also called metal expansion nut or steel expanding nut.

 Use special setting tool to install drop in anchors.

 Suitable for medium-heavy duty loading installation purpose.

[Materials & Surface treatment]:

 Carbon steel & ZP / ZYP

 Stainless steel 304 / 316.

[Base Materials]:   Concrete  Masonry  Brickwork  Solid wall  Stone


 Railing,special door industry,wall panel.

 Installation of interval signs, handrails, railings, shelves ,wood plate,wall hanger,bracing,shelving and gates.

 Installation of console grating and fence and heavy machinery location installing.

 Pipe installation engineering / pipe support.

 Temporary work such as steel truss for platform safety rings & brickwork structure.

 Installation of banister starter bars for structural expansion,stadium seats and rectification works.

 Steel building structural expansion and rectification works.

 Fix and connect threaded rod or rebar.

 Fix air ducts, cable tray, trunking, mechanical pumps and electrical switch gear.

[Installation Steps]:

 Drill a hole in the base material to ensure the proper diameter and depth required.

 Use a nylon brush to remove all debris and dust.

 Hammer anchor body into the drilled hole till threaded end is flush with substrate surface.

 Hit the built-in steel plug with setting tool until the shoulder meets the top of anchor body.

 Tighten the bolt or other fasteners to fix and install the objects.

[Product size description]: (mm/inch)

Metric System mmMM-Thread

        Item CodeThread SizeAnchor Dia.Anchor Length
M68.0 mm25.0 mm
DRIM-08M810.0 mm30.0 mm
DRIM-10M1012.0 mm40.0 mm
DRIM-12AM1215.0 mm50.0 mm
DRIM-12BM1216.0 mm50.0 mm
DRIM-14AM1418.0 mm55.0 mm
DRIM-14BM1418.0 mm65.0 mm
DRIM-16M1620.0 mm65.0 mm
DRIM-20M2025.0 mm80.0 mm
American System inchUnc-Thread

        Item CodeThread SizeAnchor Dia.Anchor Length
DRIA-5/165/1610 mm30 mm
British System inchWT-Thread

        Item CodeThread SizeAnchor Dia.Anchor Length
DRIB-W1/4W1/48.0 mm25.0 mm
DRIB-W5/16W5/1610.0 mm30.0 mm
DRIB-W3/8W3/812.0 mm40.0 mm
DRIB-W1/2W1/216.0 mm50.0 mm
DRIB-W5/8W5/820.0 mm65.0 mm
DRIB-W3/4W3/425.0 mm80.0 mm

** The special sizes and stainless steel drop in anchors are available according to customers' inquiry.

Stainless Steel Drop In Anchors

Stainless Steel Drop In Anchors

SS 304(A2)-316(A4)
Concrete Drop In Anchors

Concrete Drop In Anchors

Double Knurlings type
Steel Drop In Anchor

Steel Drop In Anchor

Half Knurling type
Drop In Anchor Bolt

Drop In Anchor Bolt

Non Knurling type
Lipped Drop In Anchor

Lipped Drop In Anchor

Lip-Flange Head type

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