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1.05 USD
Model: Hex Flange type
Min. Order: 10000 Piece/Pieces
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
Means of Transport: Ocean, Air, Land
Production Capacity: 1 container each month Packing: Packed in box to...
Delivery Date: as discussed Type: Concrete Anchor
Material: Carbon Steel Brand Name: OEM
Diameter: 6.5 mm ~16 mm // 1/4" ~ 3/4" Length: 30 mm ~ 320 mm // 1-3/4" ~ 10"
Capacity: Mpa Tensile loading Surface treatment: ZP & ZYP & HDG & Dacromet
Function: Achieve anchoring and fixing the objects Design feature: Unique heavy duty high-low self tapping double external threads
Usage: Used to anchor and fix the objects in various structure substrate Working principle: Drive self tapping thread to rotate into pre-drilled hole and generate strong friction force and tensile strength
Base materials: In the concrete,masonry,brickwork substrate Installation: Pre-drill a hole in the substrate to drive and fasten by impact wrench
Additional production process: Heat treatment Installing advantage: Easy-quick and allow to remove no damage substrate

    Concrete screws have unique design and excellent performance to anchor and fix the objects temporarily or permanently in the concrete base material. Heavy duty concrete screws are designed hardening body by heat treatment and heavy duty high and low double self tapping external threads to drill into the concrete structure substrate easily and quickly,being suitable to install and use medium and heavy loads.

    Concrete screw anchor bolts can replace some of concrete expansion bolts and fasteners and can be easily removed no damage the base materials after installing. Easydrive concrete screws are installed by high speed self tapping rotation under driving with the impact wrench,not swell and burst around the base,being very suitable to install near the substrate edge or close to other anchors or fixings. 

    Being widely used in the concrete,masonry or brick works to anchor and fixing the objects, providing metric and inch sizes with various head are suitable for different installation and use places. Besides ZP or ZYP, hot dip galvanized or Dacromet spraying are available with good oxidation resistance, rust resistance and chemical corrosion resistance.

Product Features:

 Design unique heavy duty high-low double self tapping external threads on the body.

 Hardening anchor body by heat treatment process.

 Suitable for medium and heavy duty loading purpose.

 Easily remove after installing without damage substrate.

 Easy and quick to install by high speed self tapping rotation under driving with the impact wrench.

 Allow to install near the substrate edges and close to other anchors and fixings.

■ Enable to replace some concrete anchors and fixings in use.

Providing metric & inch sizes with various head types and surface treatment.

Materials & Surface treatment: 

  Carton steel & ZP/ZYP/HDG/Dacromet

The Substrate:   Concrete  Masonry  Brickwork  Solid wall  Rock-Stone


 Pipe installation engineering,pipe support, pipe line hanger.

 Special door industry,Wall panel,Seats.

 Installation of subway tunnels,bridge construction works.

 Installation of grating,fence,subway channels and heavy machinery installing.

 Cable and tower racks, metal exterior insulation systems.

 Installation of starter bars for structural expansion and rectification works.

 Curtain walls, cladding and precast concrete components,rocks.

Installation Procedures:

1]. Drill a hole in the substrate to ensure the proper diameter and embedment depth.

2]. Use a nylon brush or high pressure air pump to clean all debris and dust inside the hole.

3]. Prepare impact wrench setting correct impact socket.

4]. Pass concrete screw through a guide hole in the fixture and vertically aligned with and close to the pre-drilled hole in the substrate.

5]. Insert the hex flange head into the impact socket and drive the impact wrench.

6]. To tighten until being fixed fully.

Product size description: (mm/inch)

Item Code Anchor SizeLengthDia.Drill Thread LengthTensile load Kgf
CS630M6 X 30306.56.520255
~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~
CS6120M6 X 1201206.56.580645
CS850M8 X 50508841685
CS8100M8 X 1001008880845
M10 X 6060101051895
CS10280M10 X 28028010101001420
CS1275M12 X 75751212651955
CS12310M12 X 31031012121202210
M14 X 80801414711535
CS14160M14 X 16016014141202125
CS1690M16 X 90901616811955
CS16320M16 X 32032016161502710


Item Code Anchor SizeLengthDia.Drill Thread LengthTensile load Kgf
CS141341/4 X 1-3/41-3/41/41/41-2/5445
~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~
CS1431/4 X 331/41/42-3/5645
CS3833/8 X 333/83/82-3/51125
CS3863/8 X 663/83/831125
1/2 X 331/21/22-1/22000
CS12151/2 X 15151/21/242205
CS5845/8 X 445/85/83-1/22200
CS5885/8 X 885/85/852705
3/4 X 443/43/43-2/52705
CS34103/4 X 10103/43/462705

** The special sizes and head types are available.

Hex Socket Head Concrete Screws

Hex Socket Head Concrete Screws

Hex Socket type
Hex Head Concrete Screws

Hex Head Concrete Screws

Hex type

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