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Model: Screw & Red-Yellow-Brown
Min. Order: 50000 Piece/Pieces
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
Means of Transport: Ocean, Air, Land
Production Capacity: 2 containers each... Packing: bag,...
Delivery Date: as discussed Type: Others
Material: Steel Screw & Plastic PE, PA Brand Name: OEM
Certificate: RoHS Feature: UV-proof, Weather-proof, Anti-rust, Environmental protection
Function: Fix the objects to expand the plastic plug by fastening the screw in concrete substrate Application: Installation and fixing industry
Specification: Red plug φ5.5 X 32 mm, Yellow plug φ6.0 X 23 mm, Brown plug φ7.0 X 40 mm Length to assemble with the screws Color: In red, yellow, brown for plastic plugs
Performance: Install and fix the cable line and other objects on the wall substrate Installation: Expand plastic plug to fasten the self-drilling screws
Usage: Tighten screw to expand in drilled hole for anchoring and fixing objects

   The design principle of expanding wall plugs are well know as the expanding anchor. They belongs to the light or medium duty fixtures in the concrete place. To drill the hole according to the external diameter of plastic plug and insert it into the hole and take the fixing objects with the self-drilling screw to fasten the screw into the wall plug to expand the end and realize the anchoring and fixing purpose. As the screw sizes, the yellow wall plug is used 3.0 mm screw, the red wall plug is used 3.0mm -4.0 mm screw, the brown wall plug is 4.0 mm-5.0 mm screw. To drill a hole for red one is 5.5 mm, the yellow one is 6.0 mm and the brown one is 7.0 mm in the solid substrate. In the soft place, the hole diamter should be a little enlargened drilling bit diameter. 

    The good quality PE material are used to produce the plastic wall plug to ensure the good feature of them alongwith the professional design of two-way expansion function, the ribbed sides and the lips, which ensure the good anchoring and fixing strength and the safe installation operation.

    Fixing plugs are made from the high density polyethylene plastic materials complying with RoHS certificate with environment protection, UV proof and fire resistance, which will not shrink or rot and bears variant temperatures and damp environments. Meantime, the polyethylene used is self lubricating featurewhich means the screw is less likely to bind in the plug and provide a quick and durable  fixing in the masonry and concrete site. The normal color is in red, yellow and brown supplied.

    During the installation, to drill a hole according to the diameter of the plugs and insert the plug into the hole and use the self-drilling screw or wood screw together to fix the objects.

Red Rawl Plugs

Red Rawl Plugs

Red 5.5 mm X 32 mm
Plastic Rawl Plugs

Plastic Rawl Plugs

Brown Rawl Plugs

Brown Rawl Plugs

Brown 7.0 mm X 40 mm
Yellow Rawl Plugs

Yellow Rawl Plugs

Yellow 6.0 mm X 23 mm

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