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Model: Screw & Plug grey φ15 X 30 mm
Min. Order: 10000 Piece/Pieces
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
Means of Transport: Ocean, Air, Land
Production Capacity: 2 containers each... Packing: box,bag,carton,pallet
Delivery Date: as discussed Type: Others
Material: Reinforced PA Brand Name: OEM
Certificate: RoHS Feature: UV-proof, Weather-proof, Environmental protection
Function: Self drill into plasterboard and fix the objects by fastening a self-drilling screw Application: Installation and fixing industry projects
Size: Plug head φ15.0 X thread φ13.0 X 30.0 mm length Color: In grey, Available white and others
Performance: Easily self drill into the plasterboard to anchor and fix cable line system and other objects by fastening screw Installation: Self drill and expand to fix the objects by a self-drilling screw
Usage: Non pre-drilled hole to self drill in the plasterboard substrate to fasten a self-drilling screw by screwdriver

   Plasterboard speed plugs are made from the high grade polyamide(Nylony) in grey or other color with the size of nylon plug head φ15.0 X  heavy thread φ13.0 X 30.0 mm length. Due to its material property of toughness, impact resistance, they are widely used in plasterboard and fibreboard and  be used with the most wide ranging screws, hooks and eye screws,etc in the light to medium application loads. the designed helical thread biting into the plasterboard substrate for a secure fixage.This achieves a high load-bearing capacity.

    The cross-drive recess means that a standard screwdriver or bit can be used. No special setting tool is required. The sharp tail of special design can be directly penetrated into the plate without drilling. Some only need to drill a shallow hole.The thin and firm flange type head lip can make the head close to the plate surface. The short fixing length means that only a small amount of space is required behind the board. Thye could also be used in the case of unknown board thickness and cavity depth.

   The sizes of self drilling or wood screw are used according to the center hole in the plugs. To fasten the screw into by the screwdriver and to fix the objects.When positioned installation, the plug is screwed with screwdriver and to be flush to the plasterboard surface. No pre-drilling is required with single and softer plasterboard panels. In the double or hard plasterboard panels, to pre-drill a hole before installation.

      Thye are used in a wide range of applications. being very deal for electrical and cable wire network system installation due to non-conductivity of nylon material. There are many end shapes and functions  in the plasterboard fixing product line according to the various places of use.

Speed Plug Plasterboard Fixings

Speed Plug Plasterboard Fixings

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Nylon Plasterboard Fixings

Grey φ15 X 30 mm
Plasterboard Speed Plugs

Plasterboard Speed Plugs

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