Cable P Clip

Cable P Clip Copper is used to hold pipe, cable line, hose, wire and other fixtures and to close around itself and hold fixture as soon as being fixed together through the two fixing pre-punched holes. cable P clips are a single part for the permanent or semi-permanent fixing of cable lines, hoses and pipes. The various sizes are suitable for different diameter of cable systems or other fixtures and to fix and protect cable bundles or tube and to secure cable line bundles for installation.

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  • Cable P Clip Copper 8 mm Width

    Secure and protect cable line bundles to be clamped and fixed with the screw or nail on the wall 8 mm width used in cable installation industry.

  • Copper P Clips Copper 8 mm Width

    Hold and protect cable line system and fix it being clamped to fasten through the two punched holes diameter 4.3 mm with screw or nail on the wall.

  • Fire Alarm Cable P Clips Red 8 mm Width

    Spray painting in red made of copper with 8 mm width used in fire alarm cable system with fire proof feature to fix cable line bunches by screw.

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