Nylon Plasterboard Fixings

The special self-drilling thread design of Nylon Plasterboard Fixings are realized a quick and easy installation operation to tighten a self drilling or wood screw into the center hole in the plug and turn screw to make nylon plug drill into the plaster substrate to fix the objects and to ensure a secure positive fixing. It could be used in single or double thickness plasterboard. They are ideal to fix the light or medium fixtures object applications.

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  • Nylon Plasterboard Fixings Grey φ15 X 30 mm

    Made by reinforced PA in grey used to self drive into the plasterboard substrate to anchor and fix the objects by fastening a self-drilling screw.

  • Self Drilling Plasterboard Plugs Screw & Plug grey φ15 X 30 mm

    Fix cable line system or other objects in plasterboard field with expanding function design by being tightened and drilled screw into the nylon plug.

  • Speed Plug Plasterboard Fixings Various End Style

    Various end styles,used in the plasterboard substrate to fasten with the screw for anchoring and fixing function to fix the objects for installation.

  • Plasterboard Speed Plugs Screw & Various End Styles

    Available various end styles,made by reinforced nylon and expand plug by tightening self-drilling screw to anchor and fix the objects in plasterboard.

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