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Model: Shield Only ZP
Min. Order: 10000 Piece/Pieces
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
Means of Transport: Ocean, Air, Land
Production Capacity: 1 container each month Packing: Packed in box to...
Delivery Date: as discussed Type: Expansion Anchor
Material: Carbon Steel Brand Name: OEM
Diameter: Shield anchor body 12 mm ~ 30 mm Length: 40 mm ~ 130 mm
Capacity: Mpa Tensile loading Surface treatment: Zinc plating & Yellow passivated
Function: Realize and generate expansion force Design feature: Four segment shields, a steel cap, a strong spring and one inserted square nut assembled together
Application: Used to anchor and fix the objects Working principle: Make the inserted square nut expand four segment shields
Base materials: In the concrete,masonry,stone,brickwork substrate Installation: Pre-drill a hole in the substrate and to tighten by tool
Main Producing engineering: Punching machine Characteristic: Quick and easy installation operation

    Fix bolt shield anchor only consists of four segment heavy duty steel shields, a steel cap, a strong spring and a inserted square nut, which is similar with shield anchor only, but one obvious difference is that shield anchor only has three segment heavy duty steel shields. Both of them belong to heavy duty shield anchors.

    To fasten by tool, one inserted square nut is pulled into and expand shield anchor body to generate four direction balanced expansion force in a hole wall drilled in the base materials to ensure security of installation and usage.

   Fix bolt with shield anchors are sutiable for medium-heavy installation loading purpose. The strong retaining force could be removed very easily after being installed. As one kind of heavy duty concrete shield anchor, The shields are made of carbon steel plate manufactured by high speed automatic punching machine to ensure its high quality product performance. Fix bolt anchors are widely used to anchor and fix the objects in various structure substrate.

Product Features:

★ Generate four directions balanced expansion force provide optimal loading and ensure security of installing.

 Quick and easy to install and use.

Complete with loose bolt, projecting bolt, stud, eye bolt and hook bolt for installing purpose.

 Being suitable for medium-heavy duty loading purpose.

 If being loose or fall scattered, could reassemble or replace a spring to be restored.

Materials & Surface treatment: 

 Carton steel & Zinc plating and Zinc plated and yellow passivated.

Base Materials:  ☑ Concrete ☑ Masonry ☑ Brickwork ☑ Solid wall ☑ Stone


Special door industry,Wall panel.

Installation of signs, handrails, railings, shelves and gates.

Installation of grating and fence and heavy machinery installing.

Pipe installation engineering / pipe support.

Cable and tower racks.

Installation of starter bars for structural expansion and rectification works.

Structural expansion and rectification works.

Curtain walls, cladding and precast concrete components.

Installation Steps:

❶. Drill a hole in the base material to ensure the correct diameter and embedment depth.

❷. Use a nylon brush or high pressure air pump to remove all debris and dust.

❸. Insert fix bolt shield anchor only into the drilled hole until being flush with the surface.

. Pass a fastener through a guide hole in the fixture and vertically aligned with and close to a substrate hole.

❺. To tighten by tool until be fixed fully.

Product size description: (mm/inch)

Item CodeAnchor SizeAnchor LengthDrill Dia.
4PA06M6 (1/4)4012
4PA08M8 (5/16)5014
4PA10M10 (3/8)6016
4PA12M12 (1/2)8020
4PA16M16 (5/8)10524
3PA20M20 (3/4)13030

**Being available to assemble loose bolt, stud, projecting bolt, eye bolt and hook bolt.

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Expanding Shield Anchor

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