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Model: OD 8 mm
Min. Order: 10000 Piece/Pieces
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
Means of Transport: Ocean, Air, Land
Production Capacity: 1 container each month Packing: Packed in box to...
Delivery Date: as discussed Type: Wall Anchor
Material: Carbon Steel / Pre-galvanized Sheet / Stainless Steel Brand Name: OEM
Diameter: φ 8 mm Length: 50 mm ~ 300 mm
Capacity: Mpa Tensile loading Design feature: Conical head & Hollow dowel pin structure easily to insert and hold the substrate and the insulation board firmly
Function: Achieve the installing and fixing the insulation board onto the base materials Application: Designed to fix the rigid insulation boards onto the various building wall substrate
Working principle: Dowel pin shape body insert and anchor it in a pre-drilled hole make the big-flat head clamp insulation board firmly Base materials: Concrete, masonry, solid wall, brickwork and drywall substrate
Installation: Pre-drill a hole passing through insulation board and base material and hit the head to insert into the hole by hammer Installing benefit: Quick-simple installation without additional expanding nail
Loading Duty: Stronger than plastic insulation fixing plugs

    Metal insulation fixings are made of carbon steel or pre-galvanized sheet or stainless steel and more suitable to install and fix the rigid insulation boards on masonry, concrete or brick building walls. Its anchoring and fixing strength is stronger than plastic insulation plugs. For installation, just to pre-drill a installing hole through the insulation layer to enter the substrate, and hammer the head into insulation board for fixing.

    Designing a flat circular head punched six holes with 35 mm dia. distribute the loading to the insulation roof fasteners and the fixture with a larger area, and also be used for a dome shape in the center. Metal insulation anchors is used to fix metal plates, plastic plates or decorate wood panels as well.

    Metal insulation fasteners are also suitable to fix mineral wool insulation layer on brick wall and concrete soffit. Metal insulation wall anchors are more suitable for fixing rigid heat insulation panels. When used with mineral wool fireproof board in the external wall insulation system, the metal plate fireproof board fastener provides higher fire protection than other types of fasteners. It is usually used in applications that require horizontal or vertical fire barriers. Metal plate fireproof fastener is used to fix mineral wool board on the base material.Also using stainless steel wall insulation anchors to fix the external wall insulation layer to meet higher installation requirements.         

Product Features:

 Quick and simple installation by hammering head

 The dowel pin design make no additional screws or nails. 

Loading duty is stronger than plastic insulation fixing plugs.

 Allow to fix the mineral wool fireproof board.

 More suitable to fix the rigid insulation boards.

Materials & Color: 

 Carbon steel & ZP / Pre-galvanized sheet, stainless steel.

Base Materials Of Building Wall: 

  Concrete  Masonry  Brickwork  Brick wall ☑ Solid wall 


 Fix various insulation boards.

Installation Steps:

 Pre-drill a installing hole passing through insulation board and base material to ensure the correct diameter and applicable depth.

 Use a nylon brush or high pressure air pump to remove all debris and dust.

 Insert it into a guide hole in the insulation board.

To hammer the head until be fixed fully.

Product size description: ( mm )

Item CodeAnchor Size    L ODDia.
MIF8508 X 50    50    35   8
MIF8608 X 60    60    35   8
MIF8808 X 80    80    35   8 
MIF8908 X 90    90    35   8
MIF81108 X 110    110    35   8
MIF81408 X 140    140    35   8
MIF81708 X 170    170    35   8
MIF82008 X 200    200    35   8
MIF82208 X 220    220    35   8
MIF83008 X 300    300    35   8

**The special sizes could be customized.

Metal Insulation Fixings

Metal Insulation Fixings

OD 8 mm

Category: Metal Insulation Fixings

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