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4.8 USD
Model: Dual Round Ends
Min. Order: 10000 Piece/Pieces
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
Means of Transport: Ocean, Air, Land
Production Capacity: 1 container each month Packing: Packed in box to...
Delivery Date: as discussed Type: Concrete Anchor
Material: Carbon Steel & Stainless Steel Brand Name: OEM
Diameter: WAC 18 mm ~ 54 mm Length: 40 mm ~ 120 mm
Capacity: Mpa Tensile loading Surface treatment: ZP / ZYP / HDG
Design feature: Dual round ends / Tapped RB thread realize two pieces of rebar to connect directly Internal threads: RB thread / Rd / Metric / Inch
Application: Used to connect two pieces of rebar to extend length Installation: Do not need to make external threads / Screw them into steel rebar coupler by torque wrench
Usage place: Reinforced concrete site & Reinforcement construction works & Rebar processing works Working principle: Directly connect rebar end due to the existing RB thread inside
Function: No expanding,Have the connecting and fixing Installing benefit: Securer-preciser than lap joints or welding connection,installing quicker-easier

    Steel rebar coupler is used in various reinforced concrete structures, combining with the function of round and hex steel rebar couping nuts, designed two round head ends and made the diameter of two ends same as WAF of the hex parts in the middle, cause rebar screw easily or pass through holes in reinforced concrete layer or formworks.

   During the use of building structures, the corrosion of steel rebars will cause reinforced concrete delamination and spalling. The common lap joint transmits the load through the surrounding concrete, when the concrete disappears, the lap joint has actually failed. However, Mechanical coupler for reinforcement does not depend on the load transfer of concrete,it could maintain the integrity of the structure.   


 Double round ends/Tap the full RB thread inside

 Don't need to pre make external thread on end of rebar.

★ Without expansion function, Have connecting and fixing.

 Quicker and easier installing,Securer and firmer than the lap joint or welding connecting.

[Materials & Surface treatment]: 

 Steel & ZP, ZYP, HDG / Stainless Steel

[Using places]:

☑ Reinforced concrete site  Rebar construction works ☑ Rebar processing works  Rebar grid

[Processing and Installing Steps]:

 Being ready for steel rebar coupler.

 Don't need to turn one end of rebar by lathe and make external thread by threading machine.

 Screw two ends of rebar into steel rebar coupler directly by torque wrench.

 Install in the reinforced concrete site,reinforcement construction works,rebar processing.

[Product size description]: (RB Thread)

Item Code Load  T      Size WAFWACLengthEnd Dia.
RC2R10500.3RB10 X 5018205018
0.5RB12 X 6020226020
RC2R14650.8RB14 X 6522246522
RC2R16901.2RB16 X 9024289024
RC2R18851.6RB18 X 8528328528
RC2R201002.0RB20 X 100303510030
RC2R241052.5RB24 X 105364210536
RC2R301204.0RB30 X 120465412046

** The mm, inch, Rd and RB threads are available.

** The special sizes are available according to the sketches or the samples.

Hex Coupling Nut

Hex Coupling Nut

Hex ZP
Round Rebar Coupler

Round Rebar Coupler

Round ZYP
Threaded Rebar Coupler

Threaded Rebar Coupler

Round ZP
Welding Rebar Coupler

Welding Rebar Coupler

Welding ZP
Weldable Rebar Couplers

Weldable Rebar Couplers

Welding ZYP
Galvanized Rebar Coupler

Galvanized Rebar Coupler

Hex Rebar Coupler

Hex Rebar Coupler

RB Thread

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