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1.29 USD
Model: Welding ZYP
Min. Order: 10000 Piece/Pieces
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
Means of Transport: Ocean, Air, Land
Production Capacity: 1 container each month Packing: Packed in box to...
Delivery Date: as discussed Type: Concrete Anchor
Material: Carbon Steel & Stainless Steel Brand Name: OEM
Diameter: φ 8 mm ~ φ 52 mm Length: 20 mm ~ 200 mm
Capacity: Mpa Tensile loading Surface treatment: ZP / ZYP / HDG
Internal threads: Metric / Inch / Rd / Rb Design feature: One solid end for welding / Another end is tapped full internal threads for screwing and fixing threaded rod or rebar
Application: Used to fix threaded rod & rebar to the steel structure or profile position after welding the solid end Usage place: Reinforced concrete site & Reinforcement construction works & Steel structure site
Installation: Before welding, Pre make internal threads, Screw rebar into by torque wrench Working principle: Screw rebar/threaded rod into body and weld the solid end in the steel structure position
Function: No expanding and coupling function, Fixing rebar or threaded rod after welding the solid end Installing benefit: More secure and quicker to fix rebar or threaded rod in the steel structure or profile position

    Weldable rebar couplers are widely suitable to connect rebar or threaded rod to steel beam,column and steel structure position. One side of the coupler is solid for welding, another side is opening for screwing rebar. The end of rebar are turned by lathe to pre-make external thread by threading machine. It realizes the transition from steel structure to reinforced concrete. The coupler is welded to the steel position,threaded reinforced bar is rotated into the coupler for installing.

    The straight external thread on rebar end cause need more installation time to continuously tighten till reaching the solid bottom of the coupler. Weldable rebar connectors realize a quick and secure solution to connect rebar / threaded rod to steel structure or steel plate. During the actual installation, it is necessary to  comprehensively consider the kind of electrode, the matching between reinforced bar to steel plate position and the site conditions of welding.


 Designed to connect rebar or threaded rod to steel structural sections or plates.

 Allow to install the deformed rebar before welding.

 Adopting stud welding machine to speed up welding.

 The hollow end for screwing into, another solid end for welding to.

 Pre make external thread on the end of rebar by threading machine, after turning by lathe.

[Materials & Surface treatment]: 

 Steel & ZP, ZYP, HDG / Stainless Steel

[Using places]:

☑ Reinforced concrete construction works  Rebar processing works  Steel structure or profiles engineering

[Processing and Installing Steps]:

1). Being ready for welding rebar coupler.

2). Turn one end of rebar by lathe and make external thread by threading machine.

 Please ignore this step for fixing threaded rods.

3). Screw rebar/threaded rod into by torque wrench.

4). Weld the solid end to steel structure or profiles position.

[Product size description]: (Inch/mm/Rd/Rb)

Item Code Load  T    Size Dia. Length
WRCY10400.3M10 X 401440
0.5M12 X 501650
WRCY14600.8M14 X 601860
WRCY16701.2M16 X 702270
WRCY18801.6M18 X 802480
WRCY20852.0M20 X 852685
WRCY24902.5M24 X 903290
WRCY301054.0M30 X 10538105

** The mm, inch, Rd and RB threads are available.

** The atypical sizes are available according to the sketches or the samples.

Round Rebar Coupler

Round Rebar Coupler

Round ZYP
Threaded Rebar Coupler

Threaded Rebar Coupler

Round ZP
Welding Rebar Coupler

Welding Rebar Coupler

Welding ZP
Steel Rebar Coupler

Steel Rebar Coupler

Dual Round Ends
Galvanized Rebar Coupler

Galvanized Rebar Coupler

Hex Rebar Coupler

Hex Rebar Coupler

RB Thread
Hex Coupling Nut

Hex Coupling Nut

Hex ZP

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