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Model: External Hex Head
Min. Order: 10000 Piece/Pieces
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
Means of Transport: Ocean, Air, Land
Production Capacity: 1 container each month Packing: Packed in box to...
Delivery Date: as discussed Type: Anchor Bolt
Material: Carbon Steel & Stainless Steel Brand Name: OEM
Diameter: 8 mm-5/16" ~ 30 mm-1-/4" Length: 110 mm-4-1/2" ~ 380 mm-14-1/8"
Capacity: Mpa Tensile loading Product grades: Anchor rod is made of carbon steel materials 4.8 - 8.8 grade
Function: No expansion function fixing Working principle: Use chemical adhesive system to cure anchor rod and structure substrate to achieve the fixing
Base materials: In the concrete,masonry,solid brick wall or stone substrate Application: Used to fix the objects or connect and reinforce construction structure foundation
Installation: Pre-drill a hole in substrate and insert anchor rod into chemical glass capsule for curing in the hole wall Surface treatment: ZP / ZYP / HDG / Dacromet
Product types: External hex head, Internal hex head and Flat head Producing engineering: Punching machine-Cutting Lathe-Thread rolling machine

    Concrete chemical anchor studs are made of carbon steel materials 4.8 - 8.8 grade with zinc plating, hot dipped galvanized or dacromet spray plating surface treatment.Providing external hex head, internal hex head and flat head types with the setting tools. Chemical anchor stud has high loading no radial influence of expansion force,allowed to be used close to foundation edges. 

    Chemical anchor stud is a kind of the fixings without expansion function used to fix the objects in the bedrock or concrete substrate. The chemical glass capsule for chemical bonding is a high load adhesive system,consisting of an outer glass container, liquid resin, hardener and quartz aggregate to forms a permanent bond between anchor stud bolt and the base materials.For installing, to comply with the corresponding curing time.

[Product features]:

 Design external hex head, internal hex head and flat head types to use special setting tool for installing.

Made of carbon steel materials having 4.8-8.8 grade to realize various use purpose.

 The sharp tail end make it insert chemical glass capsule and installing hole easier and quicker.

※ No expansion function.

 Allow to use in the small space or edge of construction structure foundation.

 Use chemical adhesive system for bonding between anchor stud and base materials in the hole to realize the fixing function, also called chemical adhesive anchors.

 Mainly adopted chemical glass capsule or injection resin to achieve chemical bonding.

High loading performance and suitable for static and dynamic loading place.

 Allow usage in damp installing hole.

 Also used in reinforcement concrete construction structure for connecting or reinforcing.

[Chemical Glass Capsule Components]: Glass + Quartz + Hardener + Resin

[Materials & Surface treatment]:

 Carbon steel & ZYP / ZP /  HDG / Dacromet Spraying.

 Stainless steel 304 / 316.

[Base Materials]:   Concrete  Masonry  Brickwork  Solid brick wall  Stone


Chemical fixing for steel structure,curtain walling,cladding,precast concrete components.

Tie back for temporary structures or permanent fixing.

Telecom tower, Racking.

Installing sign, handrails,balustrades and gates.

Installation of starter rods for structural extension and rectification works.

Goods shelves installing .

Reconstruction and reinforcement of old and dangerous buildings works.

 Reinforcement concrete construction structure for connecting or reinforcing engineering.

Decorative panel fixing or architectural finishes.

 High rise construction steel structure installing project.

Power plants,tunnel construction engineering.

Roads,bridges,railroad construction works.

Cranes,lifts and escalators installation.

[Hardening-setting time]:

For dry hole:  InstallingFor damp hole:  Installing
Substrate temp.℃Curing TimeSubstrate temp.℃Curing Time
≥ 2015 Min.≥ 2030 Min.
10 ~ 2025 Min.10 ~ 2050 Min.
0 ~ 101.5 Hrs.0 ~ 102.5 Hrs.
-5 ~ 05.5 Hrs.

[Installation Steps]:

 Drill hole in base material to ensure the proper hole diameter and depth.

Use brush to remove the dirt and dust in the hole.

 Check the viscosity of the resin inside of glass capsule and insert a chemical glass capsule into a clean hole.

 Unscrew hex nut & washer to rotate threaded stud with setting tool and power tool to drive it into glass capsule till reaching the bottom of the hole.

 Observe the specified curing time until being solidified completely.

 Tighten hex nut and washer for fixing or reinforcing.

Product size description: (mm/inch)

   Item Code
     Stud  SizeMax.Thickness FastenedHole Dia. Hole  Depth
CHEMA-08M8 X 110
16 mm10 mm80 mm
M10 X 13022 mm12 mm90 mm
CHEMA-12M12 X 16030 mm14 mm110 mm
CHEMA-16M16 X 19038 mm18 mm125 mm
CHEMA-20M20 X 26070 mm25 mm170 mm
CHEMA-24M24 X 30065 mm28 mm210 mm
CHEMA-30M30 X 38070 mm35 mm280 mm
CHEMAI-5165/16 X 4-1/23/43/83-3/8
CHEMAI-383/8 X 517/163-5/8
CHEMAI-121/2 X 6-1/41-1/49/163-9/16
CHEMAI-585/8 X 7-1/21-3/43/46
CHEMAI-343/4 X 10-1/42-3/47/87-1/2
CHEMAI-787/8 X 11-3/43-3/418-1/2
CHEMAI-11 X 11-3/42-1/21-1/88-1/2
CHEMAI-1141-1/4 X 14-1/821-7/1611-1/2

**The special style and size are available according to the samples or the drawings supplied by customers.

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