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Model: W & Sawtooth end
Min. Order: 10000 Piece/Pieces
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
Means of Transport: Ocean, Air, Land
Production Capacity: 1 container each month Packing: Packed in box to...
Delivery Date: as discussed Type: Wall Anchor
Material: Reinforced PA-Nylon Brand Name: OEM
Diameter: Head φ13 mm Length: Plug length 40 mm
Capacity: Mpa Tensile loading Color: Various color are available
Function: Being wall plug in the base materials used to turn screw into and to realize fixing and installing objects Base materials: In plasterboard or soft material panels
Design feature: Flange big head fit tightly substrate surface,sharp end and heavy self rotating threads realize easy self-drilling Application: Used to fix the objects in various substrate
Installation: Do not need to pre-drill a hole in plasterboard substrate Working principle: Self drilling into substrate by screwdriver and fix the objects to fasten a self-drilling screw to clamp the objects
Loading Duty: Light duty installing Installing benefit: Quick-easy installation

    Self drilling plasterboard fixings belong to self drilling anchor system, for fixing the light duty objects and being used in the plasterboard,soft board substrate, screwed into the base materials by screwdriver.The self driving helical thread biting into the plasterboard substrate for a secure fixing operation. 

    Self rotating thread design make it screw into the board without per-drilling holes in the single-layer plasterboard and other relatively soft boards. After positioning, the surface of the plasterboard could be drilled an attack hole, no deep hole is needed.        

    The sawtooth design on the two sides of end enhance the fixing and tensile strength. The thin flange head lip of self driving plasterboard fixings is protruded out, which could tightly adhere to the surface of the board to maintain a flat state after screwing into the base material. 


 Being suitable for light duty loading.

★ Do not need to pre-drill hole in plasterboard base material.

 Having fixing function, No expanding function for this W & sawtooth end type.

 Hollow structure make self drilling screw drive into easily for installation.

 Made of reinforced PA-Nylon having corrosion resistance,rust proof,UV-proof, moisture-proof, environmental protection,no-conductivity.

 Easy to replace or dismantle to loose a self drilling screw and speed plug.

 Quick and easy to install and use.

 Various end types are available.

Materials & Surface treatment: 

 Reinforced PA-Nylon & In white, grey or other color.

Base Materials:   Plasterboard   Wooden and soft material panels.


 Fixing bathroom, kitchen accessories, mirrors and photo frames.

 Installation and fixing of bookshelves, background picture and living objects.

 Fix light pipe fastening and electrical installation.

 Install curtain bars or signage indoor site.

 Cable wire system installation and fixing projects.

 Installing fixtures and objects for interior and room decoration engineering.

Installation Steps:

① Drive self drilling plasterboard fixings into the base material by screwdriver, till the head is close to the base surface. 

 Pass a self drilling screw through a guide hole in the fixture, vertically align with and insert it into the center hole in the plug.

 Tighten self drilling screw by screwdriver till be fixed fully.

Product size description: (mm)

 Item Code Anchor SizeOuter thread Total LengthHead Dia.
KNEZ134013 X 40124013

** The special sizes and various end types are available. 

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